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Add Sweetness To Your Long Distance Relationship -Ecakezone

Most of us have entered into a long distance relationship at least once in our lifetime. When we stay apart even small things start getting on to us. We fight over things that we won’t even remember in future. But doing small things to make another person happy helps us to keep our relationship intact.

Special occasions call for special doings. Like sending a surprise cake on birthday, sending a cupcake on your anniversary, or sending gift or flowers on any special occasion. Here are a few things that you could do to make them happy when you are apart:


This one’s a biggie! Never ever let a birthday pass by without sending a special cake and special gifts. Even if are in another city or country, always and by that I meant “ALWAYS” send a special love pack. What you can do is get a cake, gift and some flower and send them from

First and foremost are birthday cakes. Who doesn’t like a fresh and hearty cake on their birthday? We make this more special by proving a wide-range of birthday special cake where you get a chance to send a personalized message to your loved one. You can also add birthday-related props like magic candles, flower candles, birthday caps, snow sprays, paper poppers etc. We want to make sure that you get a perfect experience so we also give you a chance to write if there is any special needs or things that we should take care in delivering the cakes. We aim to provide a very personalized and unique experience to our customers.


After birthday, anniversary is the second most important thing in one’s relationship. If you are not with your partner physically, try to be with him emotionally. Send something that rekindles those moments, when you finally got to know that what you had between you two was love. You can make a handmade card and send something cute and sweet like a cupcake or chocolates. Flowers are another option you can choose.

Anniversary cakes are the remarkable one’s to bring your memories fresh. We have some tailor-made anniversary cakes that can be your top-most choice. We aim to rejuvenate your most important day by providing a range of options. You can choose to go for your partner’s favorite black forest cakes or indulge in your favorite dark chocolate fantasy cakes. We have all the options just a click away

The 14th February

Famously known as the Valentine’s Day. Although, my personal opinion is why wait to celebrate your love on this specific date and day, rather celebrate it every day! But for some of you this day holds importance, so people who are not together on this day can also make their day special. Get something special for your better half. Something that reminds them of you and will remain with them forever. Also, nothing better than a Truffle chocolate cake will tell them that your heart beats for them.

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Regular Cakes:

We also have a wide range of regular cakes that can be available for any occasion at any time for you. Sometimes, our delicious and fresh cakes are reason enough for you to allow yourself enjoy them.

Kids Cakes:

Give your child a special treat by getting a cake with their favorite cartoon characters on it. We have a range of cakes specially designed for kids. You can order a cake with Chota-Bheem or Doraemon. We want to give your kids extra reasons to shower more love on your and give you an extra kiss. We can make your little one happy by giving our very special Barbie cakes or our jungle book cake.

Flavoured Cakes:

You can also choose to get chose to indulge into various flavors of cakes. We provide a range of delicious and finger-licking flavors. We have flavors ranging from chocolate truffle, red velvet, butterscotch, black forest, irish coffee and dark chocolate cake. We also have the fresh Vanilla flavored cakes with the simplicity that can melt your heart. You can also go for the season specials like Mango, Strawberry, pineapple, blueberry, litchi etc. Our fruity flavored cakes will drown you in the flavors of fresh real fruits. We ensure layers of freshly whipped cream in a soft and freshly baked cake that would melt in your mouth.

Eggless Cake

now with availability of all food eggless, life has become a way lot easier for all the vegetarian people. especially in Surat in Gujarat, there is a high demand for vegetarian and food. thankfully, most of the fast food joints also provide vegetarian menus. although, one thing that’s still difficult to find eggless, are cakes. if you want an eggless cake, you’ll either have to visit a lot of places to find the bakery that makes it, or even if you find one, you might end up leaving empty handed as the demand is quite high and supply minimal.

it’s a lot of run-around task to find an eggless cake delivery cake in Surat, but that doesn’t mean you have to give up on the thing that gives everyone happiness and joy. you can now order an eggless cake online from Ecakezone. no running around finding the bakery, no tantrums whatsoever, just log on to and order the eggless cake you want. you wouldn’t even have to compromise on the flavours, they all come in eggless too. it’s fairly easy too, the user-friendly interface makes it very easy for you to find the particular cake you want, and you can order it from your home.

the cake will be delivered on the same day, on your doorstep. no more worrying, if you need an eggless cake in Surat just order it from Ecakezone. now no vegetarian friend has to miss out on cake pieces just because of their eating choices, and the dearth of eggless cakes. sweet, beautiful, flavour, delicious and also eggless. order it online, and your eggless cake will find its way to your heart.

Pineapple is one of the best flavors fresh taste pineapple add vibrant flavours in the cake. Buy Pine Apple 1 KG cake online with Reasonable prices. We are the best to make Egg & Egg less cakes in Huge designs. Send PineApple Cake Delivery to Surat on Same Day Delivery & Mid Night Delivery. we have to support 24×7 online services. our team was make to surpise you. From Birthday Gifts and Cakes for Men in Surat

Men are different from women in every sense, whether they are your dad, brother, husband, boyfriend, or just a friend. They feel differently, act differently and even think differently. Buying a gift for a girl is so easy; after all there are a million things you can get them. But when it comes to boys, there are only a handful of things you could choose from.

When a girl celebrates her birthday, a soft toy and a heart shaped cake will do the magic. But to decide what to get a guy will make your head ache. Here are some things that could help you out when planning a birthday for men:

Tips To Plan A Birthday Surprise For Your Girl/Boy Best Friend Surat

Birthday surprises are so much fun, especially when you are doing it for your best friend. Every memory like a fast train comes rushing back to your mind, and you are left overwhelmed. Generally one question hovers over your mind “Hmm, so what should I do or what should I give to my buddy that I haven’t given before”. Here are some tips to make your best friend’s birthday a memorable one.

  • Midnight Magic– There is absolutely nothing better than giving a midnight surprise to your friend. Buy a cake and gift for her and knock at her door at 12! Then go out for a walk, drive or stay over at her place for the night. Think of the amazing fun you will have.
  • Pretend that nothing is going to happen– Trust me the feeling after getting a surprise after being convinced that nothing will happen on your birthday is highly overwhelming. My best friend, Radhika, did this to me last time. She came to pick me up as we were supposed to head towards her hostel and she convinced me that she was totally broke and will not be able to celebrate my birthday. But the moment I reached her room, it was all decorated with my favourite colour balloons and the bed was full of gifts. That was such a happy moment that I hugged her tightly and was on top of the world.
  • Target the family– Talk to her family and friends, convince everybody to come and go over to her place and decorate her room. Get her a lot of gifts and fill in her room with her favourite colour balloons.
  • Time Capsule– Get all the photos of you and your best friend together printed. The ones that you have clicked all over these years and paste them in a vintage diary and write down all the beautiful memories that you created together. That is like giving her a time capsule, plus it looks very amazing!
  • Puppy Love– Get her the little puppy she always wanted if you are a large group with good budget. But do make sure her parents are fine with it, otherwise next time you will have to face NO ENTRY at her home!
  • Home Delivery Surat– Though your presence will mean a lot to her, but if you can’t make it due to the long distance problem, send over an amazing gift to her. Buy her favourite creamy cake like Chocolate cake Surat and club it with some flowers.

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