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Friendship Day Gifts Cakes Online to Surat




Friendship Day History

Friendship Day is celebrated on the first Sunday of August every year. A day dedicated to friends and companions, it’s the time when you cherish the loveliest relationship you possess, the commitment which marks the foundation for all relationships. Though we celebrate Friendship Day each year, we may not be well acquainted with the background of the day. In fact, very few people are aware of the history and origin of Friendship Day i.e. how it came into existence. If you want to explore the background of the day, read on. The tradition of celebrating Friendship Day started primarily in the West. In the year 1935, U.S Congress announced the first Sunday of August as the National Friendship Day. They realized the importance which friends play in each ones life and thus dedicated a special day for friends. The idea soon caught up in other countries as well, as even they realized the importance of honoring friends. Following the tradition, Friendship Day is today celebrated in by several countries across the globe. In 1997, Winnie the Pooh was appointed as the world’s Ambassador of Friendship. While the day officially came into existence in the year 1935, a glimpse into numerous folktales and mythological legends prove the importance of friendship since time immemorial. In Bible, the importance of friends is clearly visible from the Old Testimonial, when Abraham is referred to as the “Friend of God” and the relationship of Lord Jesus and his disciples in the New Testimonial depicts the value of friendship. In the famous Hindu epic Mahabharata, Lord Krishna also displays all the emotions of friendship. The beautiful idea of celebrating a day for friendship has been gaining momentum ever since the inception of the relationship and today, it has acquired the status of being one of the major festivals celebrated by people at large. People all around the globe pay tribute to their friends for being there whenever it was needed the most. Use this special day and make all your friends know that you care!


Send Friendship Day Gifts Online in Surat

In modern times, friends are our soul mates whom we have chosen ourselves. They are next to our blood relations and treasures for life. Thus havind a day especially to honour the bond of friendship is much needed. Friendship day and in 2023 it will be celebrated on 6th August. This day of friends is for old and young alike and everyone who has a best friend can send friendship day gifts online. To make sending friendship day gifts to your best pals, Ecakezone has effective gift delivery online across Surat. So you and your friend may be miles apart but you can send gifts in Surat for your friend anywhere anytime.

Friendship is one of the most beautiful and delightful relation in the world, there are many relationships a person can have in his whole lifetime, as of parents, siblings, cousins, finding a soul mate, and a friend when all other relations cease to exist.

Friendship is like a magic, that just happens without any alarm or a signal it always happens for a good. Friendship is where there are no formalities, no reasons, no complains, no excuses, no boundaries, it’s beyond the reach of any barrier, “Its Friendship, Its Love”.

Cakes and Flowers delivery stacked with Smiles and loads of Happiness

Friendship Day is the perfect day to manifest ones care and love to the dear ones, to the one we care for, to the one we respect, to the one we never want to lose. It can be done by ordering a cake online and getting it delivered to the place where you have arranged the celebration. Apart from just ordering a cake online you can also order Flowers online and get those flower and cake delivery at the time you wish for, these arrangements for the occasion will definitely make him/her realise that how much his/her Friendship means to you.

Friendship Day Cakes Online to Surat

Friends are forever and so are the celebrations of our special bond with them! Seasons may come and go, life may lead us in different directions, and the best of moments may seem like ages old, yet the love and care is constant. There’s never a time you have n’t been there for your friends or they haven’t been there for you. And a friendship like that needs to be celebrated! Bringing you the best ways to celebrate your love, we bring offer the most scrumptious Friendship Day cakes. Along with your gifts on this special day, you can also send beautiful flowers and cakes to make it even more special. Send friend ship day cake to surat, Send friend ship day flowers to surat,Send friend ship day cake and flowers to surat, Send friend ship day flowers and cake to surat, Send friend ship day gift to surat, Friend ship day cake delivery in surat,Friend ship day Flowers delivery in surat,Friend ship day Gifts delivery in surat, Best friend gifts online surat, Whenever we are about to celebrate something, cutting a Cake becomes mandatory. It is a true sign of cheerfulness. Since Friendship’s Day is here, it becomes all the more important to order one to celebrate a relationship as great as the one that you share with your friends. Ecakezone has a wide range of UNIQUE FRIENDSHIP’S DAY GIFTS that includes an array of delectable Cakes as well. Our Cake collection includes the most wanted flavours like Pineapple, Black Forest, Chocolate Truffle, Vanilla and special friend photo cake. BUY FRIENDSHIP’S DAY CAKE from us and make your friends happy. SEND FRIENDSHIP’S DAY CAKES ONLINE to your friends by availing our ONLINE DELIVERY SERVICES. We will deliver your chosen gift at the doorstep of your friend. From Strawberry to chocolate truffle, there is a great variety to choose from. The thought of coming up with Friendship Day cakes came up when we realized many of you aren’t all that high on chocolates anymore. However, if you want chocolates too, we have some great packages with flowers and cakes along with your favourite chocolates.  Most of these come with beautiful flowers and a delicious cake. We are here to serve the best!